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Requirement Management

As a customer of Beta Systems Software AG, you have the possibility of submitting new requirements for the development of the Beta Systems products. You can support us to help make our products become even better suited to your needs and those of other users. For this we thank you.

Please contact our support team or product management for the acquisition of requirements, or regarding questions about the status or problems associated with processing requirements.

Please specify:

  • Short but descriptive title
  • Product for which the functionality is desired
  • Company and contact person (name, e-mail address and/or phone number)
  • Application example (keyword-like sequence of the process in which the desired functionality is to be used)
  • Description of the desired functionality
  • Benefits that you have from the desired functionality


The requirement process

The requirement process is part of the Beta Systems product development process. The requirement process has the objective of handling all requirements from external and internal sources uniformly, and to comprehensibly transfer them to product development.

Requirements can be submitted in English or German, and further processing takes place in the language you choose.

At Beta Systems, the responsible product manager for the product is automatically notified by e-mail upon receipt. They will contact you if there are any questions.

Product management assesses all requirements with respect to the customer’s usage and makes an estimate of the implementation costs. They also take into account the input from the user groups. Of course, the author of the requirement has the opportunity to learn more about their requirement at all times.

The result of this comprehensive review is to reach a decision by the Product Board – a committee with representatives from the areas of sales, product management and development management.

Either the development will be commissioned or the requirement deferred. The author of the requirement will be notified.

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