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Status of: November 2017

Beta Systems products of the Garancy product family
Garancy Identity Manager (IDM)2.1Dec 2014Jun 2018|
VP4 JL0607October 2017
Garancy Identity Manager (IDM)2.2Feb 2017n/a|
VP1 JM0340November 2017
Garancy Process Center (PRC)4.0Dec 2016n/a|
10April 2017
Garancy Process Center (PRC)4.1Jul 2017n/a|
1July 2017
Garancy Password Reset (PRE)
Garancy Password Synchronization (PSY)
5.2Jun 2014Jun 2017|
LQ01388 (z/OS)
5.2.30 (Windows)
May 2017
Aug 2016
Garancy Password Reset (PRE)
Garancy Password Synchronization (PSY)
5.3Apr 2016n/a|
LQ01465 (z/OS)
5.3 Value Pack 1 (Windows)
October 2017
October 2017
Garancy Recertification Center (RCC)1.1
Aug 2015Jun 2018|
VP1 FP8July 2017
Garancy Recertification Center (RCC)2.2
Feb 2017n/a|
VP2October 2017
Garancy Access Intelligence Manager (AIM)1.2Nov 2013Oct 2017|
Garancy Access Intelligence Manager (AIM)2.1Jul 2015Oct 2018|
VP4May 2017
Garancy Access Intelligence Manager (AIM)2.2Oct 2017n/a|
Oct 2017
*) GA = General Availability
**) EOS = End of Support
Compatibility of applications in the Garancy Suite
IDM 2.1
IDM 2.2 VP1
AIM 2.1 VP4
AIM 2.2
PRC 4.0✔ (JL0471)
PRC 4.1.1✔ (JL0471)
PRC 4.1.7✔ (JL0471)
RCC 2.2 VP2
AIM 2.1 VP4✔ (JL0584)
AIM 2.2✔ (JL0584)
The hotfix levels JLxxxx/JMxxxx apply to Garancy IDM and are minimum hotfix levels.
Status as of 27 October 2017


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