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Status of: 30 September 2017

Beta Systems products and components of the Discovery Suite

Beta Systems products and components of the Discovery Suite
The following table shows the newest product levels with their release dates. Products must be used with the highest BSA level (line 1). This is the basis for error analysis and fixing.
OS Support, Platforms,
BSA highest LevelV6.1V6R1-04
PBS057319 Jun 2017
newBeta 88 DiscoveryV6.2V6R2-00PSB2002
OS Support
Supported Platforms
15 Sep 2017
newBeta 91 DiscoveryV6.2V6R2-01PQM6211
OS Support
28 Sep 2017
newBeta 92 DiscoveryV6.2V6R2-01POM7026
OS Support
31 Aug 2017
newBeta 93 DiscoveryV6.2V6R2-01PPM8110
OS Support
31 Aug 2017
Beta 93 Discovery DP*)V6.1V6R1-03PTO6098
OS Support
15 May 2017
newBeta 93 Discovery -
Fast Retrieval
(Beta 97)
OS Support
31 Aug 2017
newBeta Log FormatterV6.1V6R1-03PBS059420 Jul 2017 (PTF)

*) DP = Data Privacy (Beta 39, formerly Beta 93 Document Transformer)

An overview of the supported operating systems (z/OS) and Beta Systems product releases you find here (PDF).

Beta Systems products for UNIX, Linux, z/Linux, USS, Windows

Beta Systems Produkte for UNIX, Linux, z/Linux, USS, Windows
Agilizer 4 Data Processing Discovery (A4DP)V1.2 SP130 Apr 2014
Enterprise Control Center (ECC)V2.102 Aug 2017
new Beta 88 Web HelpdeskV6.2.0.015 Sep 2017
Beta 88 RDFV4.7.0.228 Feb 2011
new Beta 92 Discovery EJM AgentV6.1 Build 3631 Aug 2017
Beta 92 Discovery EJM AgentV6.2 Build 1019 Jun 2017
Beta 93 Agility - Extended OutputV3R731 Mar 2008
Beta 93 Agility R2 - Extended InputV4R314 Nov 2012
Beta 96 Enterprise Compliance AuditorV2.1.120 Feb 2013
Beta 96 RACF Control PackageV2.1.120 Feb 2013
Beta AFP BrowserV1.529 Aug 2012
newDiscovery Web Enabler - Base ComponentV2.2 SP124 Aug 2017
Discovery Web Enabler - Connector*)V2.1 Patch 225 Sep 2017
newBeta Web Enabler - AFP2PDF ConverterV2.2 SP114 Jul 2017
newBeta Web Enabler - TXT2PDF ConverterV2.2 SP114 Jul 2017

 *) Connector together with Discovery Web Enabler - Base Component
More informationen about supported platforms of the Beta Web Enabler can be found on this page. (Login required, registration here).

newBeta UX - Base*)V4.3.1 FP05**)28. Sep 2017
newBeta UX - Base*)V4.4 FP03**)28. Sep 2017
 Beta UX - EDF Extended InputV4R314. Nov 2012

*) DistributionMaster, ContentMaster and LogMaster product generation and the related products according to the LICX file
**) The fix mentioned here is the highest fix. Beta UX fixes are not yet cumulative (as of 30 Sep 2017). We therefore recommend that you request/download and install any available fixes.

Beta Systems Operlog Tools

Beta Systems Operlog Tools
newBeta Systems Operlog ManagerV2R5 PTF06129 Sep 2017
newBeta Systems Logstream ManagerV2R5 PTF06129 Sep 2017
newBeta Systems Sysplex CommunicatorV2R5 PTF06129 Sep 2017



Beta Systems products of the LDMS product family

Beta Systems products of the LDMS product family
StatusProductVersionPTF LevelRelease
newLDMS/zV6R1ML6106128 Aug 2017
LDMS/zV5R2ML5280108 Nov 2016
newBeta Business ClientV4.1.1-726 Sep 2017
LDMS/p GatewayV4.1.1-117 Nov 2016
newBeta Business INI-ServiceV4.1.1-326 Sep 2017
newLDMS/p xRetrieverV4.1.1-226 Sep 2017
For more information on LDMS compatibility, go to the SI section of our Support Portal.

For more information please contact  Tech-Info(at)

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The company, together with its 18 self-owned subsidiaries and numerous partners, has a strong domestic and international focus. More than 1,300 customers located in over 30 countries are running about 3,200 installations that help them optimize their IT processes. Beta Systems is a leading mid-sized, independent European software solution provider.