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Your data processing needs to function securely, efficiently, and without interruption.

Our services offer you all the support you need; consultation, implementation, product maintenance, migration, training and a hotline.

To safeguard the operations critical for your business we recommend our expanded levels, which are perfectly tailored to your requirements and range from 24 hour service up to proactive 7/24 remote systems maintenance.

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Beta Systems was founded in 1983, has been listed on the stock exchange since 1997 and employs more than 300 staff. Company headquarters are located in Berlin, Germany.

The company, together with its 18 self-owned subsidiaries and numerous partners, has a strong domestic and international focus. More than 1,300 customers located in over 30 countries are running about 3,200 installations that help them optimize their IT processes. Beta Systems is a leading mid-sized, independent European software solution provider.